Thanks for stopping by to take a look at my portfolio! While the rest of my website is still under construction, you can take a look at my writing samples here!

Choosing the right content writer is important! You’re picking someone to tell the story of your business, and your brand is on the line!

Your brand needs to maintain its voice, its tone, and, most of all, it needs to be able to tell a story that keeps readers entertained, while still leading to conversions that pay the bills.

I get that. I understand the importance of great content that brings together the best of SEO with incredible story-telling. Striking that balance is essential to maintaining the look and feel that you’ve built (or want to build) on your blog. 

Below I’ve gathered some of my best work for you to browse through. You’ll find a variety of styles and voices, based on audience demographics and the point of the blog post. But most of all, you’ll find my unique storytelling style.

Have questions? keishakpage@gmail.com

My main blog is Embrace the Chaos. It’s often NSFW, but it’s raw and gritty.

I am a contributing writer at Organize That Home.

I have been a featured writer at FanSlashFic.

I was a contributing writer at Suburban Misfit Mom.

I was a contributing writer at Trendy Mami.

I guest posted over at Mary Rowen.